The Ezo

Ezo is an IT firm from Quebec founded in 2017 in the IT field. We are a passionate team that puts forward the development of its members and the optimization of the potential of each one. Ezo encourages the acquisition of skills on an ongoing basis through personalized career monitoring. The company exudes a family and mutual aid spirit while keeping the fundamental principle of offering quality service to our customers and partners.

The mission

Our mission is to offer our customers and partners an IT service adapted to their needs to contribute to their success while developing long-term business relationships. As much through consulting services as through the internal development of their projects, Ezo supports its clients in achieving their objectives. Our clientele consists of companies aiming to develop their technology department as well as their digital solution and entrepreneurs wishing to have a presence on the web.



Resource placement

Various technologies

Application development


Contact Us

Do not hesitate to contact us to talk about your technological projects, we are ready!

    Our partners

    Over the years, Ezo has managed to build a network of important partners. From Quebec to Montreal, via the United States and France, these partners allow us to bring our culture and our expertise to life through various stimulating large-scale projects. We are always open to meeting new people and getting to know new companies, regardless of the field. We don’t bite, write to us!