Scrum Master

What is an Ezo Scrum master?

He is a person passionate about agility. He is also someone who likes to work in a team and who wants to have “Fun”. Ezo is committed to supporting you in your career plan every 3 months, in order to best achieve your goals.


  • Ensure that the Scrum processes are correctly applied;
  • Organize and administer the various meetings (Sprint planning, Daily scrum, retrospective, etc.)
  • Identify and eliminate the various blockers;
  • Establish and maintain an environment where the team can be effective;
  • Ensure good relations and communications between the team and the PO, as well as with the various project stakeholders;
  • Protect teams from unplanned interruptions and changes;

Required knowledge

  • Know, understand and apply the Scrum framework;
  • Know how to support people and teams in this methodology;
  • Good knowledge of the web;
  • Understanding of written English;

Required profile

  • Be autonomous, rigorous, meticulous and organized;
  • Love teamwork;
  • Have a good sense of analysis;
  • Ability to work quickly and on multiple projects simultaneously;


    Our partners

    Over the years, Ezo has managed to build a network of important partners. From Quebec to Montreal, via the United States and France, these partners allow us to bring our culture and our expertise to life through various stimulating large-scale projects. We are always open to meeting new people and getting to know new companies, regardless of the field. We don’t bite, write to us!