.Net Developer

What is a .Net Ezo developer?

He is a person passionate about code and quality. He is also someone who likes to work in a team and who wants to have “Fun”. Ezo is committed to supporting you in your career plan every 3 months, in order to best achieve your goals.


What does a .Net Ezo developer do?

  • Clean code writing
  • Analysis of customer needs
  • System improvement
  • Test creation
  • Performing unit testing
  • Database management
  • Code Maintenance
  • Code evolution

Required knowledge

The “Must”

–  C#         – ASP .Net         – MVC

– Asp.net Core              – JEE

Not necessary, but very useful!

– Kubernetes      – React            – Angular

– React.js            – Docker       – Javascript


Be sociable, have a lot of curiosity, be autonomous, have a sense of leadership, be resourceful and passionate!


    Our partners

    Over the years, Ezo has managed to build a network of important partners. From Quebec to Montreal, via the United States and France, these partners allow us to bring our culture and our expertise to life through various stimulating large-scale projects. We are always open to meeting new people and getting to know new companies, regardless of the field. We don’t bite, write to us!